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John K. Gilbert, Program Director

Beverly J. Gilbert, Program Administrator

Project Hope Outreach Ministries, Inc. began as a labor of love by Pastor John Gilbert and his wife Beverly.   More than a decade ago the couple felt a calling to care for the less fortunate individuals in their community of Frederiksted, St. Croix United States Virgin Islands, focusing on mentally and intellectually challenged individuals.   The organization was officially registered and recognized as a 501(c)3 Organization in February 2018 and has been tirelessly working in the Frederiksted, Virgin Islands Community for over twelve years.  The goal and purpose of the organization are to provide and assist individuals with mental illness challenges to find sustainable and affordable housing and live an independent life if attainable.  We are also called to feed the hungry, participate in community outreach gatherings,  and assist the less fortunate whenever possible.  

By combining housing and supportive services in an enclosed setting we are able to offer residents participating in the "Eagles Nest Temporary Housing Program"  safe, secure, and stable housing.  

Caring for those with mental and intellectually challenged disabilities requires much more than just good intentions.  Practical, authentic, and loving service must be provided at all times to allow the individual to grow and thrive in their own unique situations.  

At the Eagles Nest Group Home, Program Director, and other staff provide individuals with some of the most needed and innovative services possible, including:
     *  Behavior, Communication, and Social Skill Support
     *  Positive Hygiene Support and Domestic Skills
     *  Personal Financial Skills
     *  Daily Living Activities and Care
     *  Meal planning and Preparation Assistance if needed
     *  Work with other agencies to Assist this population of Individuals
     *  Customized Person-Centered Plans
     *  Assist with Proper Medication Management

Project Hope Outreach Ministries, is here to serve the needs of the Mentally and Intellectually Challenged Population in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands and less fortunate individuals in our community.  Thank you to the various Agencies who have assisted us and made these endeavors possible.

Pastor Gilbert and Mrs. Gilbert also have a heart for Africa.  After a visit in 2022, we developed a relationship with Bishop Gabriel and the people of Busia, Kenya.  We have made it our desire and goal to assist them in building and Orphanage which will be used to house, feed and eventually educate those who are unable to enroll in the regular


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