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Our Mission at Project Hope Outreach Ministries, Inc.:

Helping the most vulnerable people live and thrive in not only our community but communities around the world.  We feed the hungry and clothe those in need, house those experiencing homelessness, assist young men with mental health challenges, and empower individuals to achieve and live independent lives.    

Day-to-day living is not always simple for a person who is homeless and has mental illness challenges.  At our group home facility, "Eagles Nest" there is always someone to make sure residents are accounted for, 
safe, clothed, and appropriately fed.  Our feeding and clothing programs assist the community as well as our clients with breakfast on "Wednesday's" and on special days, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Throughout the year we have community outreach gatherings that allow us to give out a variety of toiletries, hygiene, and miscellaneous clothing items.

Our housing program allows those with mental illness challenges live in some type of community setting.  We offer supportive services to those individuals who don't require advanced care but who cannot live independently. Our goal and objective is to help individuals with mental illness challenges be able to live independent lives and become productive citizens in our community.

Through our Missions Outreach, we are helping those in the most vulnerable countries. We desire to assist in feeding, clothing, and housing the very large number of orphaned children living in various communities/villages of  Kenya, Africa.


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